About Us

UNTITLED is NY based streetwear brand founded by Jennifer Innelli in Spring of 2019. Untitled delivers a curated collection of casual everyday essentials that are meant to be worn on your day-to-day whatever that entails. Capturing the essence of comfort and style has been the true authenticity of Untitled since the beginning. Jenn wanted to create comfortable quality pieces while ensuring you still look stylish. From hand painting, screen-printing, embroidering and tie-dying in her bedroom, Jenn has been a self-taught designer throughout the journey of her brand.

The meaning behind UNTITLED is to be continuously evolving and ever-changing. We do not have any boundaries or limitations set for ourselves. To wear Untitled is to show that you are confident within yourself and who you are becoming. Finding inspiration through the streets of NY, Jenn wants to inhabit the spirit of the city through her pieces and show the true essence of a New Yorker.