At 19 years old I started UNTITLED on my bedroom floor. At the time I was attending FIT for business and found myself drawn to the design students. I always thought to myself, "Can i do this?"

And so I did, I started by rough sketching different designs which I then turned into a reality. Youtube was my best friend (and still is), it taught me everything from tie-dying to screen printing to photoshop to sewing/embroidering. I knew I had the business skills and the creativity and so I married the two.

I wanted to create a brand that stood for the values I hold in my personal life. The meaning behind UNTITLED is to be you. No boundaries, no limitations, no exceptions. I am always continuously evolving and ever-changing (and so is everyone else) which I want to capture through my brand. To wear UNTITLED is to show that you are confident within yourself and who you are becoming and to embrace the changes that come with this life.

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